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  With my relatives, I recently saw Hugo at the movies in 3D. It was a splendid production about a boy named Hugo who tries to fix a wined up machine after his father tragically dies in a fire. One of the reasons I enjoyed the movie was it told the modo I myself live by, “Everything and everyone has a purpose.” Hugo is an amazing PG movie that all ages will enjoy!



When You Reach Me

 If you think I like When You Reach Me, your wrong. I LOVE it.  When You Reach Me is an Newberry award-winning book by Rebecca Stead.  As I read it I was so attached to it. I didn’t want to see the ending.  This book is about traveling through time. The novel has a lot of mystery to it. The main character,Miranda, keeps getting mysterious notes from an anonymous writer after her friend gets punched on the street. She later finds out that someone is in danger and she has to help save them.  I would recommend this book for teenagers 13 and up. 

 I would like to hear your thoughts on what I should review next. 

 Hope you enjoyed! 

                                    ~ Agirl07


 Radiance  is a novel created by Alyson Noel.  Radiance has so much detail and you can tell that a lot of hard work was put into it. The novel is a true masterpiece.  Riley Bloom enters the after life and starts her new occupation as a soul catcher. A soul catcher  is someone who  looks for ghosts on earth and convinces them to move on and go to heaven.  Radiance is a creative,heartfelt novel that I strongly recommend for you or your child.

Stay tuned for my next post on When You Reach Me. I am almost finished and I’ll be in touch with you soon. Bye!

I support regular books more than e-books. If you want an e-book, kindle, or nook, I will not tell you that you are making a big mistake. Instead, I want you to read on and if you still want one that is fine.

  • When you are reading a Kindle the batteries could die out, maybe even on an exiting part of what you are reading. Real books don’t even have batteries.
  •  E-readers, kindles, nooks, and E-books are one of the things that I strongly believe will shut down bookstores. Instead of buying a book from the book store. More people will just download a book from their E-reader. I love book stores because they are that one place I like to relax and find the book that I really want that I can just buy it right then and there.
  • Even if you buy a screen protector you can still crack the screen. If that happens, that will be stuck there in every book you read, EVER. With real books you can easily repair a rip by simply using tape.
  • Nooks are expensive. You have to buy a cover, a screen protector, and the nook itself. With real books all you need is the book and the optional bookmark (Unless you do what I do and use the recite from the book).
  • Covers will not be as appealing in black and white. Color is what makes the world beautiful and that’s what the colors should be, too.
   So there you have it.  Think about what I have said, even if you think I’m wrong.  After you do, feel free  to leave a comment if you have something to add to my list.
  Thanks for listening.

   Cloudy with a Chance of Boys  was created by Megan McDonald. You may know her best-selling series, Judy Moody.  From The Sisters Club series, Cloudy with a Chance of Boys  is a book  full of surprises.  Stevie Reel isn’t  into romance , but when she meets the new kid at her school she enters the eerie world of  love.  I would recommend this book for ages 10-12. I am sorry for the short discussion.  I plan to write soon.  Heres what I am planning to blog about in the future…

  • Radiance
  • When You Reach Me
  • E-Readers(before you bye)
  • The Twilight Saga

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